Sales Enablement.

What is sales enablement

Strategic process to improve sales revenue and productivity

Sales enablement is the process of giving your sales team the right technologies and resources to make more sales and increase their productivity. Sales enablement means the right content, at the right time, in the right place. Create great experiences for potential buyers and customers with well-trained salespeople. Drive cross-enterprise collaboration through the use of sales and performance management technologies.

Paper on Sales Enablement and PIM in the Springer Professional magazine "Sales Excellence”

Sales Enablement
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Why sales enablement

Increase your sales performance with up-to-date product information

Sales reps need to leverage the latest technologies that help them guide customers through the complex buying process. Digitize! helps you create a vision for sales enablement that includes not only content, but also training and support.

Sales enablement makes it easier

All relevant sales documents always at the fingertips

Salespeople are incredibly busy. They have to meet quotas, learn about new products, and deal with many different types of customers and customer needs. Sales reps also have many conversations: conversations with customers, sales managers, product and marketing managers, and support teams. Sales enablement tools help salespeople set priorities. At the same time, they provide valuable insights into what information really adds value for the customer in the sales conversation, which allows product communication to be continuously optimized.

Sales Enablement Satisfaction
Sales Enablement Elements

Elements for holistic sales enablement

Sales Enablement Strategy
Your Benefits

How to transform your sales strategy to increase productivity and revenue

Understanding of customer expectations

What content are your customers really interested in? Track the performance of marketing materials (images, videos, descriptions, 3D visualizations, product descriptions, etc.) during a sales conversation and adjust your communication strategy accordingly.

Analysis of the marketing and sales processes

Marketing and sales should work together, not side by side. Using sales enablement, sales is able to give marketing valuable insights into what content is really helpful and useful for a sales conversation. Marketing, on the other hand, ensures that sales always has the latest and approved content at hand.

Strategy for market success

Is customer orientation practiced by all employees across all departments? Is all relevant customer and product information along the customer journey also available digitally?

Digitization of processes and tools

How effective are your processes? Are you taking advantage of workflow automation opportunities? Sales enablement tools give the ability to automate repetitive tasks, reducing error rates and leaving more time for essential tasks. At the same time, cross-departmental collaboration is improved by having all employees refer to the same set of data.

Sales skills

Are your employees well trained and have excellent methodological skills? Do your managers see themselves as trainers and coach their teams in dealing with customers in a highly professional manner? Some tools offer the possibility to map training materials, courses and tests in the platform, ensuring the ongoing development of sales staff.

Exploit synergies

Do you already use PIM, MAM, ERP or CRM software in your company? Sales enablement tools give you the opportunity to integrate information from these third-party systems into your sales platform via APIs, so that you have access to all relevant product and customer data regardless of location.

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