Digital Strategy.

Strategy development
How to improve your digital strategy

Digital strategy consultants leverage new technologies to drive business performance and develop and implement actions to improve positioning. To drive technological change, they may replace outdated business models, introduce new digital tools, or redefine corporate culture.

A digital strategy consultant’s primary focus is on using technology to transform business models and create digital platform opportunities. They integrate a transformation process that helps implement technology to achieve overall business goals.

Digital strategy

Digital Strategy Consulting

Reach and engage customers better with the right products, offers, and pricing models.

Multichannel Management

Provide a seamless product communication across all relevant marketing and sales channels.

Content & Commerce

Define new sales channels, increase your visibility and boost your conversion rates.

Condition assessment

Where your difficulties come from

In order to identify the current challenges and the best possible interventions for your company, all relevant company units, processes and data must first be analyzed.

The assessment of the current situation takes place at the individual level of the organization. In this context, an evaluation of the company’s goals, customer profiles, and current digital presence and communication strategy also takes place.

Importance of data

The right strategy comes from data

Develop new data strategies in the following processes:

Plan & program

Digital Strategy Implementation

The implementation planning usually includes a large number of individual projects that contribute to the overall implementation.

Digital Competency

1'200 CHF
  • Analysis and evaluation of current skills, competencies and tools.

Competitor Analysis

2'500 CHF
  • Evaluation of the company in the competitive environment.

Digital Strategy

10'000 CHF
  • Based on profound business, process and data analyses.
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