Pricing Strategy.

What is a pricing strategy?

Price Management & Margins Improvement Process

Intelligent management of price structures and levels is the most important point for securing business success. Correct prices bring more profit, but with incorrect price management, companies risk permanent damage. Excellent pricing goes far beyond setting prices for individual products. It is about strategy, targets, positioning, but also controlling and ultimately all processes and tactics of the company that determine individual prices.

Price Management

Price management is often an untapped source of profit. Although the importance of price is well known, 68% of companies have price problems. An isolated 1% change in price increases profits by an average of 11%. A 1% reduction in fixed costs, on the other hand, only improves profits by 2%. 68% of companies state that price disadvantages are the main reason for losing customers.

Price-Sales Relations

Companies need to be able to manage price-sales relationships efficiently. There are many methods for determining price-sales relationships, from marketing models, conjoint analyses, to customer and expert surveys, to special pricing models. The important thing is: there is always an optimal price, you just have to determine it. Companies can reduce the risk of price adjustments by using the right tools.

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Pricing software / pricing tools

Market Definition

Price Optimization and Management (POM) software helps companies efficiently manage and optimize prices. More recently, these tools support sales-related decisions, e.g., by providing recommended actions and customer loss alerts. Some vendors focus on back-office price management and product management. Others focus on providing sales reps with real-time sales information. The best tools offer both.


Pricing Strategy Implementation

To ensure successful implementation, we recommend long-term support in implementing the new concepts, processes, systems and organization.

Subject areas are:

Contents and methodology of a first pricing workshop


Better look at price strategy, price system, instruments, software, processes, organization and sales enablement.


Understanding of initial situation, common definition of goals and methodology. Content Coordination and priorities.


Preparation of the workshop by Digitize!. Moderation by Matthias Kant, follow-up and derivation of the project plan and methodology.


Workshop with all stakeholders: Pricing strategy, correct approach to pricing, hypotheses and expected results, simulation calculation.

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