Omnichannel Potential Analysis.

What is Omnichannel
Your products on all relevant channels

Omnichannel marketing enables you to market your products and services across multiple channels. A positive and seamless customer experience is ensured no matter which touchpoint your customers pass through on their customer journey.

Omnichannel b2b
From Project Experience to Scientific Methods
Omnichannel has never been more important, also in B2B

B2B companies can increase their profits and customer loyalty by implementing a strong omnichannel strategy. In fact, companies that excel at omnichannel customer experience retain an average of 89 percent of their customers. Meanwhile, 75 percent of B2B customers would buy from their supplier again if the company had omnichannel capabilities.

What we offer
Different level strategies

The focus is on the topic of omnichannel use in the B2B area for manufacturers & retailers and aims to develop an omnichannel strategy including a suitable omnichannel system environment. For this purpose, the needs of the target groups for the most important channels and publications in print, online, mobile and social networks as well as the internal roles, processes, systems and interfaces are recorded on a company-specific basis. After recording the current status, concrete goals are defined and both are compared to design the approach.

Do It Yourself - Omnichannel Potential Analyze

The do-it-yourself variant involves an analysis of the omnichannel potential by the company itself. Ideally, this is carried out by internal experts from marketing, sales, product management and IT. This creates a comprehensive internal view of the status and potential of the company in the omnichannel area.

Digitize! Omnichannel Potential Analyze

Diese Analyse baut auf der DIY-Variante auf und ergänzt die interne Sicht um eine externe Betrachtung und Bewertung durch einen Digitize!-Analysten. Auf Wunsch kann die interne Basisanalyse des Omnichannel-Potenzials auch über Telefoninterviews durchgeführt werden.

Professional Omnichannel Potential Analyze

The professional analysis also offers the opportunity to reflect and discuss the results in a workshop with experts and to define an omnichannel strategy including procedural planning with several project phases optimized for your company.

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