Digitize! helps Swiss companies digitize to keep going despite Corona.Exploiting opportunities for digitization for retailers and service providers in all Swiss cantons.

Dear entrepreneurs, 

Corona affects us all and has changed our lives. The consequences will also be felt in Switzerland in the coming months, and many things will probably change in the long term. Corona enables and urges us to use the offers of digitization that have been available for years.
We would be happy to advise you on how you can not only maintain your business, but how you can expand it if customers no longer come to your shop. Don’t lose your business to the online shippers now. The most important measures for digitizing your offers are:
1. online stores,
2. Connection to online marketplaces,
3. Live chat sites,
4. video streaming,
5. Online appointment tools,
6. Web conferencing.

In many regions of Switzerland, trade fairs and events are currently being canceled due to Corona, and in some cases all shops except for supermarkets and pharmacies are forcibly closed. What does this mean for the operators of the shops, and what for their customers?

When customers want to buy products such as furniture, clothing, garden and DIY supplies or cosmetics, what can they do? Do they now necessarily have to buy from a sender like Amazon, Zalando, Wayfair or Otto? No more chance for the classic stationary providers in Swiss cities?

The situation allows you to reach customers with digitization offers like never before. If customers no longer go to the cities, if they have to stay at home for fear of infection, they are open to new digital offers. Most don’t want to order more from Amazon & Co. Everyone is aware that solidarity action is now required, but how can you buy from shops you know if they can hardly be found on the Internet?
We would be happy to implement the following packages of measures for you:

Ad 1.) Online shops: The most important requirement is responsive and attractive online shops where your customers can quickly and easily find and order the desired products. You do not necessarily have to set up shipping logistics for this, individual courier services and collection by customers are also possible. The most important basis for the content of the shops is attractive product information, especially several beautiful product photos and good descriptions. An online shop can be realized from as little as CHF 4,000.

Ad 2.) Connection to online marketplaces: Since customers usually first search in Google, Google Shopping is an important way of reaching customers there with their own products. But a connection to Amazon, ebay or Instagram are also important sales drivers. Our modern online shops enable product information from the online shop to be sent directly to these marketplaces without having to re-enter the data. Availability is also synchronized across all platforms.

Ad 3.) Websites with live chats: Live chats, such as those we have installed on our website, are an important way of getting in touch with your customers directly, easily and quickly. When customers come to your website, they’re encouraged to just type a message, and the message appears on your computer or mobile, depending on how you want to configure it.

Ad 4.) Video streaming: In addition to the live chat, it is possible to set up a video chat with customers. Or you can announce live video streaming in which you can then present your latest products, for example. Customers can then ask questions in a chat, which a second employee of yours can comment on or answer while the video is streaming. We can set up these options for you at short notice.

Ad 5.) Online appointment tools: All possibilities should be used on your website so that customers can communicate with you quickly and easily. This also includes online appointment tools, which enable customers to find free appointments in the calendar and book them directly with you. E.g. for a home visit, for a phone call, for a video chat or an individual visit to your shop (outside the opening hours).

Ad 6.) Web conferences: Web conferences are an extension of live chat and video streaming. In addition to chat and video streaming, you can transfer your products and offers to your customers’ screens based on an existing presentation, the online shop or with the help of your product flyers. Customers can then place an order with you during or after the conference via chat, email or voice message.

Corona is certainly an unexpected and unwanted burden for most of us. But it is also an opportunity to use the possibilities of digitization and to get in touch with your customers even more directly.

If you are interested, please give us a short sign, we will serve you as our regular customer first.

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